2018 Club Bylaws


ALL new members shall receive a copy of the Roster, Bylaws, and Rules & Regulations. You should read carefully and obey all Rules and Bylaws.

  1. This club will consist of a maximum of fifty (50) active members, which will be headed by the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament Director. A nominating committee will be formed at the regular November meeting. The nominating committee will contact possible candidates for officers and submit a ballot for the December meeting. Newly elected officers will take office at the January meeting.
  2. The regular monthly club meeting will be held on the evening of the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00pm. Meeting place will be at Barney’s Tavern 1708 Broadway.
  3. Club dues are $30.00 per year, which will be due by the end of the April meeting or before the sign-up for the first tournament of the year. If dues are not paid by the end of the April meeting, they are considered delinquent and the member is subject to dismissal from the club. New members are required to pay a $5.00 initiation fee.
  4. When membership falls below the maximum of fifty (50), a prospective non-member will come from the top of the waiting list. Prospective members will be voted on, by a show of hands at a regular monthly meeting prior to his acceptance into the club. New members will be brought into the club at the monthly meeting following his acceptance.
  5. All live fish caught in a club-sponsored tournament will be returned to the waters from which they were caught, unharmed. A live trophy fish (fish over five pounds) is the only exception and may be kept by the person who caught it.
  6. In the event of a situation that would arise that is not covered by the club Bylaws, club officers can make a temporary decision that will be in effect until the next regular monthly meeting. At that time, discussion and a vote will be taken to amend or add to the Bylaws. A quorum of 3/4 of members in attendance is necessary.
  7. A monthly award called the ‘Basshole of the Month’ will be awarded at each monthly meeting. Any member knowing of another member that he feels had a serious brain attack or otherwise goofed up, can make a nomination and must recall the event in detail. A vote will follow all nominations and the person with the most votes will be determined the winner and will carry the trophy for the month. A vote will be taken at the yearly banquet to determine who was the Bass Hole of the year. The person elected Bass Hole of the year will retain the trophy for that year.
  8. This club will not sponsor any function without it first being brought up before the membership in attendance at a regular monthly meeting and a majority vote approves the sponsorship.
  9. ‘Angler of the Year’ award will be a prize of $50.00 from the club general fund. This award is determined by the total points of all club point tournaments.
  10. The club will maintain a ‘Sportsman of the Year’ award. This award will be determined by club member nominations at the monthly meetings. This award shall be a new fishing license for the following year. This award shall be voted upon at the yearly banquet. The license will be for either Missouri or Illinois.
  11. The club will give a free tournament entry to any current member who brings in a new member that joins the club for a year and fishes at least two tournaments during that same year.  A new member is any person that hasn’t been in the club for at least one year.

It is the intent of this organization to engage in the preservation of “SPORT FISHING”, primarily for the “BLACK BASS”. Through the effort of these local sportsmen, every attempt will be made to return their fish, unharmed, to the waters from which they were taken.

The following rules will be enforced to see that this program is successful.

A twelve (12) inch minimum length on all bass caught. Any bass that does not measure twelve (12) inches overall in length will be returned immediately to the water. When fishing waters that have a longer length limit, the club will follow the respected body of water rules and regulations.

When fish are taken that exceed the minimum length, it is the duty of that fisherman to make every effort to keep that fish alive and well, so that the fish can be returned to the water after weigh-in.  Aerated live wells, or coolers, are mandatory for each boat and they must be used to keep fish in good shape during the course of the tournament.  It is critical that the fish are kept in water when the boat is underway. NO STRINGERS ARE ALLOWED.

A pre-determined weigh-in time shall mean just that. All contestants will be expected to be at the weigh-in site on time. Keep your catch in the water until your name is called. The club scales will be located at the edge of the water. Contestants not at the weigh-in site, ready to go, when their name is called will be docked weight or disqualified per tournament rule #28.