The Pool 19 Team Tournaments have been cancelled for the remainder of 2018

Pool 19 Teams


Bi-State Team Circuit

This a team circuit, to fish there must be a team.

No team will be allowed to fish with just one member.

Tournaments are scheduled the second Saturday of each month from April through September

All tournaments will be held on the Mississippi river pool 19

Entry fee is $100 per team with an 85% payback

To sign up your team contact us at

Pay out of Tournament Winnings

Entry Fee $100 per boat

$10.00 will go to Bi-State Bass Club

$12.50 will go to expenses

$77.50 of each Entry Fee will be paid out in Tournament winnings

If 1 - 5 teams fish the tournament then 1st Place earns 100%  

If 6 - 10 teams fish the tournament then 1st place earns 85% and 2nd place earns 15%  

If 11 or more teams fish the tournament then 1st earns 85% , 2nd earns 10%, and 3rd earns 5%

Big Bass Pot will be separate.

$5.00 per man for those wishing to enter the Big Bass Pot

100% payback for largest Bass